By Chloe Briggs

  1. Rage Against The Minivan by Kristen Howerton

In short: Mother to 4, both adopted and biological, Haiti and foster care adoption, her blog covers both adoption and motherhood musings.

In her words: Rage Against the Minivan explores transracial adoption, race, politics, faith, motherhood, international adoption, foster care adoption, and identity.

  1. Debra Parker

In short: Mother to 4, both biological and adopted, Haiti adoption, is an adoptee herself.

In her words: Hi, I’m Debra. I write about some things, Pastor, and try not to take myself too seriously. If we sat for coffee I’d talk about Jesus and Justice and my latest binge watch. I am mom to four and wife to my high school sweetheart EP.


  1. Jamie Ivey

In short: Mother to 4, both biological and adopted, Haiti adoption, blogs about adoption and family, hosts a podcast

In her words: Adoption is near and dear to our hearts because 3 of our children have joined our family via adoption. We adopted our son Deacon in 2005, our daughter came home from Haiti in 2009, and our son finally came home from Haiti in 2010. I love to encourage others as they journey towards their kids and especially after they are home and in the real world.

  1. This Gathered Nest

In short: Mother to 5 (with twins on the way), both biological and adopted, Congo, Domestic Infant, and China adoption, has a YouTube channel

In her words: I wear a lot of hats… Follower of Jesus, wife, mommy to 5, homeschool teacher, photographer and beauty product junkie. Of course we can add coffee addict, adoption advocate, sometimes fitness bunny, most of the time food lover, and a wandering soul.


  1. Jen Hatmaker

In short: Mother to 5, both biological and adopted, Ethiopia adoption, author, speaker

In her words: In the fall of 1992, a college junior named Brandon Hatmaker pretended he needed another fork in the Oklahoma Baptist University cafeteria so he would “randomly” arrive at the utensil cart just as my freshman self was getting there in line. Obviously with moves that smooth, we got married. Twenty years after the wedding, we’ve created a whole life, including a bunch of headstrong kids, a temperamental garden, and a church plant in Austin, TX, where we have lived for 15 years.

  1. Wynne Elder

In short: Mother to 3, both biological and adopted, Ethiopia adoption, blogs about both adoption and her battle with infertility

In her words: I love Jesus and people and I’m so glad we’ve gathered here. I’m a mama + wife, and I’m passionate about creating spaces of belonging and connection.

  1. Rachel Baxter

In short: Mother to 6, both biological and adopted, China adoption, discusses special needs

In her words: Daughter of the King, Wife to a Pastor, mother to 6 children, underdog cheerleader, special needs parent, adoption advocate, hope spreader, writer, and lover of a good part.

  1. Sara Hagerty

In short: Every Bitter Thing Is Swee, mother to 6, both biological and adopted, Uganda adoption, author, blogs about life, adoption, and infertility

In her words: I’m Sara, a mama to five (almost 6) who is learning to see God’s thread in life’s middle minutes. I’m an adoption lover who is still dating my best friend and I’m writing here in the extra margins of life. I wrote a book — Every Bitter Thing is Sweet — that was published by Zondervan and they’re publishing another one of my books not too long from now. I love words and I love Him.

  1. Grace & Salt by Justin and Keary Cheney

In short: Mother to 2, both adoption, Uganda adoption, home now but blogged while they were living in Uganda for 15mo.

In her words: After 15 months in Uganda, we are back home stateside with our beloved family and friends, learning to do life here with two T1Ds and two adventurous kiddos. Though our lives may look a little different these days, our passions still remain the same. We desire to gather people around the table – in homes and beyond – breaking bread and being fed by more than just food. Our aim is to create an environment that cultivates community, starting with our family and the table in front of us.

  1. Tara Livesay

In short: Mother to 7, both biological and adopted, Haiti adoption, open (very unique), currently living in Haiti, midwife/missionary

In her words: We live, learn, love, & work in Port au Prince, Haiti. In the eleven years we’ve been here, one thing we’ve learned: God is not made manifest in our ability to “fix” or heal, but in our need to be healed. Recognizing this weakness leaves us in a position of having little to offer. It reveals our own need to be restored. We are not fixers of people or things. We are here trying to extend love and grace to others, the way it has been extended to us.

  1. The Archibald Project

In short: Storytellers who spread awareness about adoption, powerful videos and blogs

In their words: In 2011 The Archibald Project began as an idea to photograph a friend’s adoption in Bulgaria. Whitney and Nick Runyon, co-founders of T.A.P., traveled with the adoptive father to document a very powerful adoption of an eight year old boy with Down Syndrome, which you can read more about here. After the Runyons shared this adoption on social media, Whitney received an email from a stranger letting her know that the photos from this adoption had inspired her family to adopt a little boy who was chronically ill. Without these photos, this family expresses they would have never found their son. You can imagine the power of that email. The Runyons filed to become an official 501(c)3 shortly after they saw the power media posses to help orphans. The Archibald Project has been working towards inspiring and educating people around the world ever since.

  1. Allison Boynton Noyce

In short: Mother to 4, both biological and adopted, Ethiopia adoption, Adoptee herself

In her words: I was born to a 17 year old mother and 15 year old father in 1963.  Given no other alternatives by her parents, my birth mother relinquished me for adoption with a broken heart.  I am happy with the life that I have had, but I am sad that my birth mother and so many other young women in her position were not given the support to make their own choices regarding their babies. Adoption has affected my entire life.  I am glad to have a place to share my experiences, stories and sometimes confusion.  I am grateful to have so many great people read my blog and share their stories with me.

  1. The Full Plate

In short: Mother to 11, all adopted, domestic, Ghana, and China adoptions, blogs about adoption, family, and motherhood

Her words: Full Plate Mom (FPM) is mom to 11. Yes, 11. Yes, they’re all hers. No, her house isn’t a daycare. No, she isn’t on a field trip. She isn’t a missionary (she likes wine too much and she swears too often). FPM is a small business owner, Advanced Practice Nurse, and waiting child advocate. In her “spare” time she enjoys running, yoga, and being an extrovert (but only on the internet, ain’t no one got time for that in real life). FPM dreams big and loves even bigger.

  1. Little Did I Know

In short: Single mother to 4 through adoption, discusses adoption, HIV, and motherhood

In her words: I am a single mom to four amazing kids; each of whom just happen to have been adopted. The first three were adopted through foster care, and we just completed an international adoption from Haiti. Our family has grown through adoption and I am all the more blessed to know each of my children. I worship a mighty God, teach Special Ed, love bargains, and am inspired by Pinterest… come along with us for the ride!

  1. Ordinary Time

In short: Parents to 12, both biological and adopted, blogs about adoption, homeschooling, and life

In their words: Happily outside acceptable parameters…. We are two parents (J & E) and twelve children (M, B, A, P, H, TM, D, R., K, Y., G and L). Followers of Jesus, homeschoolers, and readers of many, many books. I know the initials can get confusing.

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