Crowdfunding has steadily grown in popularity over the past ten years and you’ve undoubtedly heard of someone ask for support with their KickStarter or GoFundMe campaign.

Crowdfunding campaigns allow fundraisers to cast an extraordinarily large net in the hopes of receiving as many donations as possible. However, because there are so many people crowdfunding and we’re all being asked to give money a hundred different places, it can’t hurt to study up on what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign. So here are our 5 Steps To Successfully Launching Your Adoption Crowdfunding Campaign. 

1. Learn How To Tell your story

One of the most important things an AdoptTogether Family can do is simply share their story. However, it’s often easier said than done. Here are some simple tips to help you share your story well.

  • Be Specific: While we know there are slow processes and privacy laws that often impact this, it helps to share the details of what you’ve done so far, where you’re at in the process, and when you hope to bring your child home based on the average wait times of your specific type of adoption.
  • Be Vulnerable: This is another case of ‘easier said than done,’ but there is truly nothing more effective than sharing your heart with those who seek to support your family. Furthermore, due to much of the popularity and concern surrounding adoption, people often want to understand the why behind your decision. Is it infertility? Does your family have a history of adoption? Do you feel called to combat the growing orphan crisis domestically or internationally? Be open and honest when it comes to this decision as it is most likely not something you decided to do on a whim and your community would love to understand how you got here!
  • Be Succinct: There may be a temptation to over-explain, justify your need, or complain about the process, but typically this does not help inspire a generous reaction from your community. It’s a delicate balance between vulnerability and rambling, so it helps to share your adoption story with a few close friends and family before making your profile live that way you can have the best version of your story possible. If you’re looking for some good examples, go to the home page to read the bios of featured families for inspiration.

2. Set Your Goal Wisely

Think carefully about the number you want to set for your fundraising total as it will be a useful tool in setting benchmark goals along the way. If you’re unsure what the total cost may come out to, check out our article on the average costs associated with each type of adoption.

While we understand everyone’s financial need is different, we also understand that donors are very cautious when giving money away to ‘adoption related expenses.’ With that said, make sure your community understands where the money goes and if anyone is curious about AdoptTogether’s grant writing process, they can find all the details here.

3. Identify Your Core Network

There is most likely a handful of core family members or friends who have known about your desire to adopt since the beginning, and they are essential in building out your support network. Once you’ve identified your Core Network, ask them to contribute. Profiles that get shared on social media tend to look better if they don’t have that ominous “$0 raised” hanging over them, so before you start posting your profile to your Facebook & Instagram, ask your Core Network to donate a few bucks to your cause. It doesn’t have to be much at all, anything helps it look like the juices are flowing and people are jumping on board your family train!

4. Share Your Profile Relentlessly

This is the foundation of a successful crowdfunding campaign.




Due to the enormous amount of content flowing around online that you have to compete with, you’re going to have to be rather shameless about your crowdfunding efforts so that people have enough opportunities to catch wind of what your family is up to. Apple Founder Steve Jobs is famous for preaching the need to ask, as many people fall short of their goals simply because they never asked for help. We would hate for your friends and family to miss out on the once in a lifetime opportunity to grow your family in such a tangible way as supporting your adoption because they didn’t even know you needed help! So post. Post a lot.

5. Create A System to Contact Supporters Regularly

Communication is the lifeblood of every relationship, and it’s no different than when you’re building a community out of a disconnected or scattered crowd of people who believe in your journey. You can galvanize your support network by simply updating your followers, no matter how big or small the update.

It makes a difference for people to know you care about them being involved in this important, intimate part of your family story. Down the road, you’ll be thankful people have the cliff notes of your story so there’s less to explain when you need help or want to celebrate the little victories along the way!

Any one who chooses not to donate anonymously can be contacted through AdoptTogether or you can simply post updates to your blog and various social media accounts. However, we’ve found that people feel more involved when they receive personalized communication of some kind – be it emails or group messages from your family.

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Let’s Get Started!

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