Choosing an adoption professional to guide you along your adoption journey can be tough! Make sure you’re getting the best care from a licensed professional near you by asking these essential questions:

1. Are they licensed to work in your state?

It’s important to find out first of all if your adoption professional has met the standards set forth by the Council on Accreditation (COA) and is Hague Approved:

Hague Accreditation or Hague Approval signifies that an agency meets the standards founded in the Convention, the Intercountry Adoption Act, and the Universal Accreditation Act.” (

2. What does their fee schedule look like?

We have a comprehensive breakdown of the typical costs associated with each type of adoption here. (Link to cost breakdown article). Make sure to get your adoption fee structure UP FRONT and ensure that there are no hidden fees and no sliding scale associated with your adoption costs.

3. How many placements do they have per year/what is the average wait time of your program of choice?

This information will tell you how efficient your adoption professionals are when it comes to actually completing the adoption process with their families.

4. What education credits are required?

Many adoption agencies require that their families take classes to learn about the adoption process in order to ensure their readiness when it comes to bringing a child home. This may or may not be something you are interested in or have the time for depending on your schedule, but all parenting education is helpful during the adoption process.

5. How many waiting families do they have in your program of choice?

This will be an indication to you of what level of “hands on” support you may be able to expect from your adoption professionals. High numbers of waiting families may signify that it’s best to find another agency.

6. If going through an agency—how many birthmothers are they currently counseling?

This is also tied to question #6 as it tells you how big a pool your agency has to draw from as well as how effective they are at communicating & caring for birth mothers.

7. If going through an attorney—how do they network your profile with birthmothers?

Due to the nature of independent adoptions, there is a far greater emphasis placed on adoptive parents to find a birth mother and network. Make sure you know to what degree your attorney will help or leave it up to you when it comes to finding a birthmother.


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