Adoption Grant Requests 

Follow these instructions to submit your grant request:
STEP #1 Enter your name, address and necessary information regarding your family profile.
STEP#2 Enter the name, address, and necessary information for the grant recipient (i.e. the entity receiving said grant funds).
STEP #3 If you are requesting a grant that will be paid to a Pure Charity Field Partner, you do not need to provide receipts. Otherwise, you should upload supporting document(s) that reflect your adoption expense to our Dropbox folder HERE. Supporting documents may include, but are not limited to: adoption agency fees, attorney invoices, travel expenses, schedule of fees estimating expenses, etc. 
STEP #4 You are all set! Individuals grants are reviewed regularly by the Board, normally once per month. After the Board has approved the grant requests, it can 5-10 business days for the check to arrive.

The Details

The AdoptTogether Board reviews grant requests and makes an independent evaluation of grants to individuals.

The Board awards grants to adopting families based on adoption status, actual adoption expenses, net designated gifts, and Hoping Hearts Foundation funding.

Net designated gifts are the total designated gifts less a 5% transaction fee.

Grant Terms & Conditions

By submitting your grant request through AdoptTogether & Hoping Hearts Foundation, you agree that you are requesting funds for reimbursement related only to your adoption expenses.

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