Andrea Wittig’s family was the first family ever to fundraise for their adoption on AdoptTogether. The Wittigs were able to crowdfund over $35,000 to adopt their child form Uganda. Watch her interview here with our AdoptTogether Editorial Team and learn how you can successfully turn crowds into communities by allowing them to walk alongside you family through the adoption process!





Testimonial: Adoption Is Not One Thing

As I sit watching the snowflakes falling outside my kitchen window my mind to wanders back to the time when my husband and I were adopting. So here come my thoughts... Adoption is a process. We talk about adoption as though it is one thing. That one thing is finding a...

7 TED Talks about Adoption

1. How I Use the Internet to Build Families | Hank Fortener It's the pain inside of you, the mark the world left on you, that is the mark that you will then leave on the world. Ask yourself the question "What mark do I...

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