“I have a strong passion to see every child in a safe, loving, forever family, and I have a deep commitment to seeing safe, loving families prepared and equipped to welcome a child into their home.

Having been on the agency side of the process, I have walked with families through the entire adoption journey—from initial inquiry to placement and then post‐placement. I understand the financial aspect of adoption and how overwhelming and discouraging this can be for families. I care about helping families understand the fees associated with adoption, and have been able to guide and connect them with valuable resources like AdoptTogether. I have personally witnessed families not only meet (and sometimes exceed) their adoption goals, but ultimately be encouraged and affirmed by the generosity of family and friends. I see fundraising as an important part of the adoption process—it shows families their need for others, it invites people in to the journey, and ultimately prepares an even larger “extended family” to love and welcome their adopted child.

I stepped out of social work in the fall of 2014 to begin my own family, but my desire has always been to work in the field of adoption and continue my passion for seeing children become a part of forever families.” 

-Chloe Briggs

Chloe currently serves as an adoption consultant for prospective adoptive families as well as families currently fundraising on AdoptTogether who encounter questions and/or concerns about their adoption process. Chloe is a wealth of information and a valuable member of the AdoptTogether team!

Chloe has worked at both Bethany Christian Services as a Domestic & Foster Care Adoption Specialist and All God’s Children International as an Adoption Coordinator, Domestic Case Manager and Pregnancy Counselor. Her past experience involves such tasks as:

  • Reviewed and processed applications from families applying for domestic and foster care adoption
  • Manage the domestic case load of families in both domestic infant and foster care programs
  • Conducted SAFE family home studies for families according to government and agency standards
  • Oversaw placements of children with approved families
  • Provided post adoptive in-home supervision and support for up to one year after placement
  • Identified, evaluated, and recruited prospective adoptive families to help them make informed decisions about adoption
  • Developed and facilitated weekly webinars to educate families

For any questions you’d like Chloe’s help with, email Chloe@adopttogether.org


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