We understand that fundraising for your adoption can be somewhat overwhelming when you’re not exactly sure where to start. However, it’s possible to embrace this stage of your adoption journey in ways that are tailored to your family’s comfort level and goals.

Every family is uniquely equipped with skills, gifts or relationships that can be creatively channeled into fundraising initiatives. Maybe you’re an artist with the ability to auction off your work, or perhaps you’re a pro in the kitchen and can host community dinners in exchange for donations. There is not one “right way” to fundraise, so try thinking outside of the box and brainstorm ways that will motivate your community to give in a way that you are comfortable with.

Once you’ve taken the first big step in sharing your adoption story and goals, it’s time to get creative. Here are a few ways to get started:


  1. Empower your community

Many times, your loved ones and community may be motivated to help, but not sure how or what to do. Empower them by providing specific needs and direction. You can do this through social media or an email blast that outlines your journey and includes a link to your adoption crowdfunding profile, or if you prefer something more intimate, take your friends out to coffee and explain your journey in more detail.

  1. Run a race!

5ks, half-marathons or even walk-a-thons are a great way to fundraise in a familiar, traditional way. Share the race information and direct them to a platform where they can make a donation. Not a runner? No problem! Invite a family member or friend to run on your behalf as their donation.

  1. Use your artistic talents

If you’re an artistic thinker, explore ways that you can incorporate your art into fundraising. For example, if photography is your specialty, try offering family sessions for your friends and family at a discounted price where all payment goes towards your adoption fund.

  1. Host a dinner

Maybe photography and painting aren’t your strong suite but you’re a whiz with a spatula? Host a dinner—or multiple dinners—where you invite your community over for some home-cooked food and good conversation. Instead of asking guests to pitch in money or a dish in exchange for hosting, encourage them to donate to your adoption fund instead. Use the time around the dinner table to talk more about your adoption journey and how they can be involved.

  1. T-Shirt Sales

Creating and selling your own t-shirt design is actually a popular and successful adoption fundraising method!  Using one of the many online tools available, you can pick a template for a t-shirt, post and share your product and then track your sales all on one platform designed for fundraising purposes.

  1. Involve Your Family

If you already have children, this is a great opportunity to involve them in the family’s adoption journey and give them a tangible way to contribute. Set up a lemonade stand and put them in charge of pouring the drinks, host a carwash for your neighborhood and equip them with soap and sponges, or spend the day making baked goods together that they can sell after soccer practice or ballet class. They’ll love contributing and will be even more invested in the journey.

No matter where you are in your adoption journey, we know that fundraising is only one aspect of the process. We hope these few ideas provide an easy first step and will help inspire you and your family to think outside of the box when it comes to fundraising.

Does your family have a creative idea? We’d love to hear it! Share it with us on instagram: @adopttogether or Facebook.

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