When my oldest son was 4 1/2, I came to the realization that my parenting techniques were not working. My son was physically aggressive and had hour-long raging meltdowns daily, leaving me feeling overwhelmed, confused, sad and scared.  Everything I tried seemed only to make things worse, in both my son’s behavior and my relationship with him.  It became clear to me that my son needed something other than time-outs & counting to 3 to teach him social skills.  My son needed emotional support AND a way to learn life’s lessons.  But how does a parent teach both? I found the answer to that question hard to find.

Over the next several years, I honed my parenting craft through reading books, attending conferences and receiving extensive trainings, and I became an expert in several parenting theories.  Building on my background in education, my work with parents and my dedication to practical, applicable resources,  I combined my expertise into one complete parenting program I now teach throughout the world.  I have watched this program bring peace to families where stress and chaos once ruled.

I am devoted to equipping parents with skills that build emotional connection in families and promote critical thinking in children.

Read more from Darlynn and contact her for coaching by visiting her site: http://darlynnchildress.com

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