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Ashley Family Adoption is raising money on AdoptTogether for their adoption from .

Ashley Family Adoption

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Home at Last

We have BIG news!

We are adopting a 6th child! Ezekiel Benjamin has arrived home and we are over-the-moon grateful and excited that God allowed us to be in this child's life. As always, God writes the best stories and and this is no exception! We can't believe how gracious He has been! You can check out for more of the details. 

Without the prayers and support of our close friends and family we wouldn't have been able to go through the ups and downs of adoption. With that in mind some amazing friends of ours are organizing a fundraiser to help us cover the cost of our adoption, believing that more people will want to be a part of this incredible story.

It's just so encouraging! by Kara Hanks

My absolute favorite part of helping Zach and Danielle fundraise is the excitement of watching God do big things. It's just not that often in life that we get to pray and set out and then see answers. Just bam, bam, bam. 🙂 But adoption fundraising is definitely a thing where you (usually) get to see pretty epic results.

And epic results is definitely what we're seeing now. In the last five days the Ashley's have been gifted $6500! Six thousand, five hundred dollars! Including gifts given to them outside of AdoptTogether that puts them to just over 50% of their goal!

It's hard to even say what it's like and how encouraging it is to watch God's family come together in such a real way. People say the sweetest things when they make donations or hand them checks! Today as Danielle tried to explain to someone how much they appreciate people partnering with them in this way a friend said, "you're doing the job that God called you to do and we're doing that job that God called us to do." Exactly! And I have the easier job! 🙂 Zach and Danielle have to step out and obediently chase down terrifying situations. I get to pray and write a check. One of us is getting the easier end of that deal.

Well, except the Ashley's do get to kiss a fantastic baby face every minute of every day. That part of the deal is pretty sweet!


Thank YOU! by Danielle A Ashley

For those of you who've given - thank you SO much! We were fully prepared to bear the weight of the finances for this adoption but you have no idea how much your support means to our family! Because of your generosity and the generosity of amazing folks who've given outside of this site we are over 10% on our way to our goal. We are humbled to be on the receiving end of this grace. It's hard to admit but we really do need the help so your gifts are definitely impacting our lives, thank you!!

Our adoption just got updated to Home at Last by Kara Hanks

Baby Zeke is home and all of the major hurdles are behind us!  At this point it's just paperwork!

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