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It's been a journey, but we have matched! There is an incredibly brave and awesome mama who has decided that we are the family for her. We are PUMPED, but there are many things left to do!

We have paid our match fees (a little over half of what we owe.) This required that we empty our savings as well as any that we had remaining from fundraisers. We were also required to take out a loan to cover what we didn't have - as the money was needed immediately.

"What on earth could possibly be left?!" you might ask as you clutch your hypothetical pearls.

$29,000. (Actually it's a bit more than that, but by grace of God we have been able to scrounge that together.)

This $29,000 will go to:
-Hotel fees as we wait for the ICPC process so we can bring the baby home legally.
-Legal fees to cover our attorney costs.
-Remaining agency fees that help cover the costs of social workers and mama's needs.
-Travel to & from the state that babe will be born in.

We saw what God can do in the past 4 months. We know He can do it again - with every penny we need.

Thank you so much to each supporter along the way. Our village is large, and we can't wait for you to meet our new babe!

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