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Hardcastle Family Adoption is raising money on AdoptTogether for their adoption from .

Hardcastle Family Adoption

Adoption Status

Paperwork Complete

We have BIG news!

We have been matched with an expectant mama due in January!

We are beyond excited and are doing everything we can to be prepared to welcome a beautiful new life into our home. As the end of this waiting stage draws near, we have decided to start a crowdfunding campaign. The Lord has graciously provided financing for the adoption to this point, and we have full faith that He will see us through to the end. Currently, even with grants and loans accounted for, we are still $16,000 short of what we need to bring our baby home.

We hope that by inviting you into this process, you will see yourself as part of the community we hope to build around our child as she grows up.

Our adoption just got updated to Paperwork Complete by Levi and Destin Hardcastle

We're broken-hearted to announce that our adoption status is taking a step backwards.  We were notified on 12/27 that the mama was in labor and it was time to start driving!  We stopped for a few hours of sleep, but were awoken at 3:30am with a birth announcement and precious photo!  There was no more sleeping to be had!  We jumped in the car and finally arrived in Phoenix around lunchtime. We made it as far as the hospital lobby. We thought we were about to meet our baby only to be met with the news that this was a case of adoption fraud. The mom never had intention of following through with the adoption plan, but used the agency for their resources during her pregnancy.  This is a very rare and unfortunate circumstance.  We lost a substantial amount of money, but we are not ready to accept this as the ending of our adoption story.  We don't know exactly what's next, but we are praying for God's sovereignty and redemption moving forward.

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