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Ramsey Family Adoption is raising money on AdoptTogether for their adoption from China.

Ramsey Family Adoption

is adopting from China

Adoption Status

Home at Last

We have BIG news!

We are in the process of adopting a child! More specifically, we are adopting a four year old boy from China with a critical heart defect. His name is Chinese name Cheng Lei. His english name is Theo.

We are beyond excited and are doing everything we can to be prepared to welcome this beautiful new life into our home. As part of our adoption process, we have started a crowdfunding campaign. It may surprise you to hear that adoption related costs can easily total up to $40,000 or more, with adoption costs, processing and paperwork fees, and home prep. This is why we are working with Adopt Together to help ease the financial burden that often overwhelms adoptive parents. Plus, we wanted to have a place where we could invite our friends to join us in the process of bringing Theo home.

We hope that by inviting you into this process, you will see yourself as part of the community we hope to build around Theo as he grows up.

Even if you can't give at this time, we would greatly appreciate your prayers for Theo and our family as we move forward. 

Russ and Lisa

Our adoption just got updated to Home at Last by Lisa Ramsey

Hooray!!! What more can be said?! We are so happy to have Theo home. Everyone is doing well. Thank you so much for your love and support and prayers!

Our adoption just got updated to Travel Planned by Lisa Ramsey

Well, this is a delayed update but we are currently in China and the adoption has been completed. We are excited to be traveling home soon!

Soon by Lisa Ramsey

Hello! I keep forgetting to update this site. So sorry if this is where you are looking for info about the adoption and where we are at in the process. We are currently waiting for the last little bit of paperwork to clear so we can get travel approval and book our plane tickets. Russ made the trek to DC last week for his visa application. As a pastor, he has to go in person and swear he is only going over to complete the adoption. No proselytizing and not being sent by our church. After 4 days, he was approved and now we are just waiting on the last couple of things to clear so we can book the tickets. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers as we wait for all the pieces to come together. We are so excited to finally get a date on the calendar and GO BRING THEO HOME! We are ready. The kids are ready. They have been troopers as I rearrange all the bedrooms so Theo can have his own space. We have some sweet friends who have nominated us for a room makeover. Bloom Family Designs does room makeovers for families who are adopting or fostering. We are so excited to see it all completed and, judging by the draft of the design, it will be amazing! What an amazing gift! Looking forward to sharing our travel dates soon!

Amazing with a capital A by Lisa Ramsey

I have tried to write an update post a couple of times now, but it's really hard to write a 'Thank you' post that matches the generosity shown on this page. So so so many of you giving to help us bring Theo home! And even more of you telling us how excited you are and how much you are praying for this whole process. It is overwhelming and humbling. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We are still in the paperwork stage of authenticating documents and getting approvals. I don't know how much detail it is even worth going into, but so far we are able to keep things moving fairly quickly. Pray that trend continues. The kids have begun negotiating rooms to prepare space for Theo. (Did you know they make giant legos you can use to build walls for room dividers?! Not sure why I find this so amazing but I do.) We've begun 'nesting' and doing some painting and rearranging to get everything organized. Thank you again for your generosity and support! 

Paperwork - aka "hurry up and wait" by Lisa Ramsey

Thank you so much for your kind words and donations since we announced our provisional approval of Theo's adoption. Our current status is waiting for approval of immigration paperwork. Because Theo has a heart condition that requires additional surgery, we have asked that his paperwork be expedited. We are hoping for a faster turn around than the traditional 90 days. Since we are pushing for a quick approval, that means we also will be trying to raise funds as quickly as possible as well. I apologize for all the postings you will see but only a little bit because we truly believe in bringing Theo home as quickly as possible. 🙂 If you know someone who might be interested in donating, please feel free to share our link. We are currently trying to meet our goal of $8400 to be ready for the next step. Thank you!!!

I also want to share information about the organization that has been helping Theo - Morning Star Foundation Their goal is to help families with medical needs they may not be able to afford otherwise and also to care for orphans with severe medical needs as well. Meredith Toering, who works with these children and helps to provide the care they need through surgeries, rehabilitation, etc., is AMAZING and you can follow her stories on instagram @meredithtoering or the organization itself @morningstarfoundation. 


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