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Sanchez Family is raising money on AdoptTogether for their adoption from United States.

Sanchez Family

is adopting from United States

Adoption Status

Paperwork Complete

We are thrilled to share that we are adopting!

Before we were even married we talked a lot about what building our family would look like and as we thought about our future children, adoption was a part of the dream we held close to our hearts. We didn't know much about the practical steps toward adopting, so we slowly began to learn more and kept praying.

The more we prayed and learned the more convinced we became that adoption was for us. We sensed a deep assurance that we not only wanted to become parents, but that we wanted to grow our family through adoption. We want to be used in whatever way God sees fit in the life of an expectant mother/family, we want to be of service to the adoption community, we want our hearts to be shaped by God (who adopted us into His family) and, of course, we want to welcome a new, precious life into our home.

We are in the midst of the joyful blurr of officially stepping into adoption and are doing everything we can to be prepared for all that is to come on this journey. As part of our adoption process, we have started a crowdfunding campaign. One significant surprise we encountered regarding finances is that adoption related costs can easily total up to $40,000 or more. This is why we have set a goal of $30,000 to help ease the financial burden that often overwhelms adoptive parents. In the US, 33% of couples consider adoption; however, 79% of the families are deterred by the high costs, and in the end only 2% adopt.

Our prayer is that by inviting you into this process, through prayer and/or a financial gift (both are deeply valuable to us!), you will experience the joy of being a part of the ministry and miracle of adoption. Our deepest desire is that you will be a part of the community that our child grows up loving (and being loved by), learning from, and making lifelong memories with. You mean so much to us and we are so thankful for your support.

It's getting very real! by Edgar & Jessica Sanchez

Hi friends!

It has been a while since we last updated you because we have been very busy! We've been hard at work on our adoption profile book and filling out long (and sometimes very complex) adoption agency applications.

The great news is: both of these massive efforts are complete!

Just in case you (like us, just a few months ago) don't know what a profile book is, we thought we'd let you know!

An Adoption Profile Book is a book that a hopeful adoptive family creates to give an expectant parent a window into who they are. Profile books include things like: tons of photos of you/your family, the story of your relationship with your spouse, details about each member of your family, a glimpse into your local community, your values, your plans for how you will raise your child, a personal letter to the expectant parent, etc. This is the book that an expectant parent looks through (they usually look through several) before choosing families to meet with, ultimately determining which family they will select to parent their child. So, this book is really important.

The book was a lot of work, but we are so thankful to share with you that we had great (and talented) friends help us with the photography, copy editing, and graphic design of the book - what a blessing!

While putting the final touches on the profile book we began to connect with several adoption agencies and narrowed it down to 4 agencies that we would apply to work with, based on our conversations with them and their care of the adoption triad (biological parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees).

After the book as complete, we sent it to print and quickly finalized all of the agency applications (which were far more complex than we ever imagined, it reminded us of applying for colleges in the 2000's - SO. MUCH. PAPERWORK. haha). 

Our applications are currently being processed by some of those agencies and we are already active as a "waiting family" on one of the agency lists! We are slowly beginning to see "situations" come through. A situation is the information about an expectant mom/dad who are looking to make an adoption plan for their child. The agencies send these to us to look over and determine if we'd like to present our profile book to them. The expectant parents are then presented several profile books and they select who to move forward with. 

Seeing these situations has made this all feel very real. We have moved from feeling like we are doing never ending paperwork to reading about real people who are facing trauma, loss, and such pain. It's wild to think that eventually, one of these people we read about will choose us to parent her baby. It's so humbling.

- Please continue to pray for us as we discern each situation that comes our way.
- Please pray for the expectant moms/parents who are navigating difficult decisions and challenging life circumstances.
- Please pray that God would keep our sweet baby safe, wherever they might be at this very moment.

Thank you so much for being on this journey with us. We are so thankful!

Edgar and Jess

Our adoption just got updated to Paperwork Complete by Edgar & Jessica Sanchez


We are elated to report that we have completed the 3-month process of paperwork, interviews, assessments, education, and so much more to bring us to the finish line of our Home Study! Everything we have diligently completed and submitted is now in the hands of our social worker as she takes the next few weeks to write our Home Study.

We are taking a moment to celebrate this milestone!

And we're quickly turning the corner to work on the next step of the process: our Profile Book.

This is the book we will craft to tell expectant moms about our family and the potential home we might be able to offer her child. It feels weighty and, if I am honest, at times overwhelming to put this book together. How do you authentically share your family's heart and values in a brief book? What must an expectant mom be going through as she looks through each of these books, attempting to picture a future for her precious child?

We continue to pray and ask God to help us be faithful in every aspect of this journey. May He transcend the pages of our Profile Book and speak to the heart of the expectant mom who we hope to show up for and support in this season.

Our adoption just got updated to Paperwork In Process by Edgar & Jessica Sanchez

We have started our Home Study!

It's exciting to feel like we taking steps forward in our adoption process. We have been blown away and so deeply moved by all of the support we've already received as we announced our plans to adopt and began our crowdfunding efforts...we are humbled and so grateful to each of you! I dont think a day passes that Edgar and I don't look at each other in disbelief at the incredible community God has surrounded us with. We love you!

The journey of adoption can feel really overwhelming, having your love and support makes us feel empowered for the journey are WITH us and we FEEl it! Thank you!

Now, we begin the paperwork journey of Home Study...assessments, personal profiles, documents, records, clearances...oh my! We know this time spent on the to do list of our Home Study is just the beginning of building our family and we are excited!

We ask for prayers for diligence, a smooth process with limited delays, and perseverance!

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