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Sawyer Family Adoption is raising money on AdoptTogether for their adoption from United States.

Sawyer Family Adoption

is adopting from United States

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We have BIG news!

We are Blake and Whitney. We live in Texas where we live with our two, great, Star Wars loving, sportsing, energetic kids. We are a creative, possibly crazy, fun-loving family of Christ following believers.

We are following a call to add to our family through adoption. In doing so, we have felt called to adopt Domestically (in the United States)

We are finishing up a home study, and hope to be able to be able to be matched soon, but really, it’s more on God’s timetable than ours.

In the last few years, we have had a heart to help provide a safe home for kids who need one. As such in 2015 we opened as a foster home. In that time, we had 8 kids stay with us for varying amounts of time. Each one stayed with us as long as God planned, but not nearly as long as we would have liked. This year, after praying and processing with family and friends at church, we felt we wanted to create a home for a child for the whole of their life.

We have looked at several agencies, and based on research and recommendations, we are working towards adoption through an agency we trust to help us and the birth family. We have some money already available and are looking to raise some to help us get to the $30K in funds needed to adopt in the US.

How can you help: Pray for the birth mom for Baby Sawyer. They are making a very difficult and brave choice in the midst of an unplanned situation. Pray for strength, support, and peace. Pray for future Baby Sawyer, who may already be out there somewhere. Pray that we can meet them soon. Pray for wisdom and peace for our family, as we look to grow our family. Pray for our kids who have grown so much in love and compassion through helping the kids from hard places that have come through here the last 2 years. They are so excited to meet their new sibling that they ask about them almost every day.

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