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Zars Family Adoption is raising money on AdoptTogether for their adoption from China.

Zars Family Adoption

is adopting from China

Adoption Status

Paperwork In Process

Jacob and I are so excited to share this news - we have decided to adopt a little girl! 

We always felt like adoption was part of our story and 2020 is our time! After we told our two boys about the decision to adopt, they keep saying "Yay! We're adopting a sister!" which makes this even more exciting. They have wished, prayed, and asked for a sister for the last few years and now we're making it happen!



Over the last 2 years we have talked about adding to our family through adoption. Adoption has always been something on my heart since I was very, very young. I always felt that God wanted my family to grow through adoption and it was something Jacob and I talked about from the very beginning.

After having our second son, Caspian, we spent a lot of time questioning our next steps. We knew we wanted more kids but I wasn't sure I wanted to be pregnant again any time soon. However, God was already orchestrating his plan for us.

In March of 2019 we found out we were pregnant. I was anxious from the beginning, feeling like something was off with the pregnancy. We remained positive (because we WERE very excited) and learned in April of 2019 that we would be welcoming another little boy into the world! However, God's plan was a little different than ours, and in May 2019, he was born. Unfortunately, at 14 weeks pregnant, we miscarried our son and it was heartbreaking. It has been officially one year and we think about him all the time.

But after a storm there is often a rainbow and it was after losing him that we felt it heavy on our hearts, mostly mine at first, that adoption was the next step. We were not wanting to replace him and do not see this as a "just try again" situation. Adoption has always been on our hearts as part of our story and had Baby Brother been with us today, adoption would still be on our minds as a way to grow our family.

After losing our third baby, I knew I wanted to give my body a break. Three pregnancies within 4 years had my body just a little tired. The idea of being pregnant again was not something I could do physically or emotionally. But we also did not want to wait a handful of years to try to have another child biologically.

I decided to follow the calling God had placed on my heart and that became so strong after miscarrying. So I presented adoption as an ACTUAL next step to Jacob. And we talked about it. For months. And those months turned in to a year. And that year turned into now.

It took us a while to get here but we have officially decided to grow our family through international adoption. And we are ecstatic. but also nervous. 😉


We looked at all the options. (Including domestic through foster care) But after asking alllll the questions to all the people and seeing where we qualify, what countries we can actually make happen (some countries require super long visits which isn't something we wanted) etc, we found the right place. Our hearts were open to adopting a child with special needs and that is what brought us here...

We are being called to China. To adopt a little girl (younger than 2.5 years) who has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. A little girl who could very well live in an orphanage or mental facility her entire life if she remains in China. We truly believe that our daughter is in China, waiting for us to find her and bring her home.

This journey won't be easy. In fact, I hear it can be exhausting, terrifying, and stressful. But we aren't living this life to "take it easy". Life is hard. And sometimes we need to choose hard because it is the right choice.

All we can do is follow our heart, count on one another for support, and let life happen.


We are beyond excited and are doing everything we can to be prepared to welcome a beautiful new life into our home. As part of our adoption process, in addition to side gigs, selling things, and saving everything we can, we have chosen to start a crowdfunding campaign and do a few small fundraisers. It may surprise you to hear that adoption-related costs can easily total up to $35,000 or more. (Or maybe that's not surprising at all) This is why we have set a goal of $15,000 to help ease the financial burden that often overwhelms adoptive parents.

Man oh man, this process will be a long one and will be a lot of work. 

Adoption, from the moment we started looking into it, has been about community. We have met so many amazing people while we were learning about adoption. Honestly, we wouldn't be as ready as we are without these people we have met. It's not a single person or two people that adopt; it is a community of people. A support system. A village. And we don't want to do this alone because it WILL be full of trials and potential heartache. We will need all the support we can get.

And I'll say it again - We can't do this adoption alone.

We are doing everything we can on our end to save money, earn more money, cut our budgets, etc, for this adoption but that's won't be enough. We have faith in God that he will provide, he will open the doors we need to be opened, and he will put the strength and courage in us that we need to make all this happen. And if you know me, you know that he also put DRIVE & PASSION in my heart. I will work tirelessly to make this happen for our family and I trust that God is calling us to do this and that he will provide.


If you feel called to support our adoption and be part of the story of bringing our daughter home, we invite you to make a donation or share our page.  Any donation amount is a blessing and a gift.

Tax-deductible donations can be made on this page.

You can also give through PayPal here: Zars Adoption PayPal

Financial support is not all we need. Like I said before, this will be a long and emotional experience and we can use all the prayers we can get.  Having the support of our friends and family when things get hard is what will keep our heads above water. We pray that you choose to walk with us on this journey as God leads us to our daughter in China. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for following our journey and believing in the incredible thing that is adoption. 

With A Little Extra Love, 

Jacob, Megan, Otto and Caspian 


Financial Gifts are tax-deductible through Adopt Together. Feel free to check out the FAQ page on this website for more information and answers to any questions you may have. 

Please note: If you give through Paypal, 100% of the donation will go directly to our adoption account set up with our bank.

The Tax-Deductible Donations given here will have a 5% transaction cost that is deducted from all donations. The 5% covers costs incurred processing credit cards and transaction costs to process checks.

Progress is Progress is Progress - National Adoption Month Update by Megan Zars

Progress is better than nothing right? Even if it's not HUGE progress. 

So here's where we are. 

We are ALMOST home study approved.  It has taken way longer than I would have thought but thankfully we really aren't in any rush. Once we have our APPROVED home study we will submit our i800a (immigration paperwork) and start sending grant applications. 

Over the last few months, we have been fundraising like crazy. We have started a puzzle piece fundraiser, returned pop cans, sold produce from our garden, had a t-shirt fundraiser, sold stickers, and sold homemade sage sticks. We have raised nearly $6,000 which is amazing! We could not feel more thankful and humbled by the support of our friends, family, neighbors, AND complete strangers!

It is our hope, for National Adoption Month, that we can complete our puzzle piece fundraiser which will bring us to being fully funded for our Dossier AND agency Fees. This would be an incredible blessing. If you feel called to support our family as we go through this international adoption process to bring home our daughter, we would feel completely honored for you to make a (tax-deductible) donation on this site. We would also love your thoughts and prayers as we start to see movement in the adoption world.

Let's bring home our little girl! <3 We're coming for you sweet thing.... #BeKindLoveExtra 

Our adoption just got updated to Paperwork In Process by Megan Zars

We have completed all of our necessary paperwork and meetings for our home study which means we are SO close to being HOME STUDY APPROVED! Once we receive the final approval, we can begin applying for grants to help fund our adoption. 

I wish we had more updates on the little girl we hope to adopt but unfortunately, due to the current global state, we do not.  We will be praying that these things change soon and would invite you to do the same. <3 

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