How To Add Your Agency To Pure Charity’s Verified Field Partners

Don’t see your agency listed under the beneficiary list? In order for your agency to show up as a verified Field Partner, your agency will need to create an account on Pure Charity.

Listed below is a communication template you can send to the agency with instructions on how to set up their profile on Pure Charity. We would highly recommend that you send the communication to the agency’s accountant or your personal case manager.

Before you send the email, please cc so they can assist with the setup and verification process.


I have created an adoption fundraiser at AdoptTogether: (Fundraiser name).

AdoptTogether allows adoption families to tell their story and fundraise for adoption expenses with tax-deductible donations. In order for me to disburse my fundraising directly to (agency’s name), I will need your help in setting up a profile for the organization on Pure Charity, the online fundraising platform powering AdoptTogether.

Setting up a profile is free and will allow me to link (agency’s name) as my beneficiary recipient for grant disbursements. Before funds can be disbursed, Pure Charity will check your 501c3 status and verify your account.

You can create the profile for (agency’s name) here.

If you have any questions, you can contact Once you create your profile, a Pure Charity representative will be in touch on the next steps for verification.


(Your Name)”

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