International adoptions are often a long, hard process to endure but are ultimately extremely rewarding when done right. Here are five basic things to consider to make sure you’re being as responsible, informed, and wise as possible when it comes to your international adoption.

1. Where in the birth order will they land?

It’s a lot easier for my biological kids to care for the youngest child. It will be a lot harder to raise him in the middle of your order.

2. Can you commit to learning their language?

We took a 30 week course to learn Creole, and it changed our whole lives! It helped a great deal with attachment and it’s crucial to be able to communicate with your child in those first few months. It’s such a worthy investment of your time, trust us!

3. Are you patient and able to handle things being out of your control?

Full disclosure: International adoption is a lengthy process where things feel desperately out of your control because things are handled completely differently in other countries. Be ready & willing to wait, and wait without a lot of clarity as to why you are waiting at some points.

4. Are you willing to commit to being connected with another culture?

it is so important to honor the child’s heritage by celebrating holidays and traditions and giving your child a sense of pride in their birth country.

5. Are you open to learn about interracial issues and looking at what it will take to help your child feel equal?

There is clearly a great deal of racial tension in America these days. So be sure that you’re willing to dive into the center of these issues on behalf of your child and connect them not only to their ethnic heritage, but to the social movements tied to their well-being.


by Tacy Riehm


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