Adoption 101

Adoption 101 guides perspective adoptive families through the essential topics & information regarding the adoption process.

Domestic Adoption

Learn more about the most common forms of adoption as well as special needs & more from professionals and adoptive families.

International Adoption

Learn the basics about international adoption from agencies, to interracial family dynamics, to first-hand family perspectives.

Foster Care

Learn the basics about foster care, how to support children in need, and the best organizations serving the foster care community today.

Post-Adoptive Care

Once your child comes home, you begin a whole other part of the adoption journey! Find support, information and encouragement for all your post-adoptive needs.

Birth Mothers

Birth mothers are an essential, valuable and beautiful part of the adoption triad. Find support & information regarding birth moms here.

Adoption Professionals

Agencies, Attorneys and more are covered here in order to guide families to the best possible adoption professionals.


Learn the basics about crowdfunding on AdoptTogether from our staff and successful AdoptTogether families.


We’ve collected a wealth of diverse perspectives to guide you along the entirety of your adoption journey. Check out the catalog of adoption community members presented by AdoptTogether.

Get Involved

Learn ways to support adoptive families, join the AdoptTogether team, and touch the lives of children in need.


#WorldAdoptionDay is a parallel effort of AdoptTogether created by Hank Fortener with the hope of raising awareness & advocacy for adoption while celebrating all those involved in the process – from adoptive parents, to adoptive children, to birth mothers and all the friends & family who support them.

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