Check out our AdoptTogether interview with Samantha as we discuss how she discovered she had a twin sister and the inspiration behind founding Kindred.

Samantha Futerman is a Korean American adoptee. Born in Busan, South Korea, Samantha was adopted by a loving family in Verona, New Jersey through Spence Chapin Adoption Services and the Social Welfare Society. She was raised with two older brothers, her parents’ biological sons.

Samantha began performing during her childhood and continued to pursue her talents while attending high school at the Professional Performing Arts School in New York City, and eventually graduating with a BFA in Theatre Arts from Boston University. In 2011, Samantha moved to Los Angeles to further her acting career. Her entire life changed in February of 2013 when she discovered that she had an identical twin sister. This remarkable experience ignited a desire in Samantha to explore the world of adoption by assisting fellow adoptees and their surrounding communities. Growing up without the insight of other adoptees, she wanted to share a positive outlook on adoption and explore the ways in which family is deeper than DNA.

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