The Riehm Family successfully crowdfunded over $36,000 through more than 50 individual donors over the course of 2 years.

“Nothing will save you more money than the generosity of your community.”

– Tacy Riehm 


Tacy is emphatic in her message to other AdoptTogether parents; “Keep getting your story out there. Keep asking.” Tacy was shocked at the response from her community once she started spreading her family’s story throughout her community and beyond.

“If I would have realized how generous my community was when I started the adoption process, I would have been far less afraid.”

Tacy believes that the goal is to make it easy for your community to give. So posting your AdoptTogether fundraiser everywhere you can as often as possible is what allows it to really stick in people’s mind and eliminate barriers for potential donors.

“I was shocked at how many people wanted to support our adoption and how deeply their heart was stirred by our story.”

Another tip Tacy had based on her experience with her family, is to “celebrate all the mini victories.” Both the adoption and the crowdfunding process can take years, so it’s important to not only create ways to remember that you are indeed making process. It’s going to be hard, it’s going to take time, but it’s imperative that you…

remember to celebrate!


Tacy says her family would celebrate every time a donation email came in, no matter how small or large the amount, and eventually it “became a family bonding experience.”

Lastly, Tacy said one of the biggest things she learned was how important it was to stay in touch with all those who donated to her fundraiser. Tacy sent regular emails to her donors throughout the adoption process, but once her son was home she soon decreased her email correspondence until completely stopping them after her son’s first year home. It didn’t take long before Tacy was frequently asked “What happen to those email updates about your son? We loved hearing about his progress and seeing photos!”


You may think you’re bugging your donors by communicating with
them often, but it usually turns out that donors, no matter how
unfamiliar they may be with you, tend to feel connected to your
family story after participating with your AdoptTogether campaign.


At AdoptTogether, we turn crowds into communities, so be prepared to expand yours a little when you start fundraising with us!

Check out the Riehm Family Story on CNN: Impact Your World featuring Hank Fortener & AdoptTogether


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