AdoptTogether is excited to partner with TASC! Together, we hope to help families throughout Texas fund their adoptions and bring their children home forever.

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Why Adoption?

Adoption provides children a loving and supportive home, equipping them with the resources needed to overcome the challenges faced with foster care, like mental illness and emotional trauma. Adoption provides not only basic needs (water, food, shelter, clothing) but also economic opportunity, quality health, educational opportunity and the connection of family.

Who is AdoptTogether?

AdoptTogether, a non-profit, is the world’s first and largest adoption crowdfunding platform. Cost is the number one reason families don’t adopt, as an average adoption can cost up to $50,000. In 6 years, they’ve helped over 4,500 families raise over $17 million, to bring kids home from 67 countries into all 50 states.

How you can get involved:

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Use your creativity to start fundraising.

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Adoption looks different for every family but the cost of adoption can be a burden for many. Learn about The Stiger’s adoption journey and how AdoptTogether helped them raise the funds needed to adopt.

AdoptTogether Family Fundraiser

Help these families from Texas on their adoption journey.

Anderson Family

is adopting from South Korea$5,375.00 Raised

The Cawthorn Family

is adopting from United States$150.00 Raised

Collett Family Adoption

is adopting from China$6,300.00 Raised

Curry-McGrath Family Adoption

is adopting from United States$2,750.00 Raised

The Yates Family

is adopting from India$6,402.00 Raised

Fellows Family Adoption

$10,190.00 Raised

Geldmeier Family Adoption

$11,597.00 Raised

Goodman Family Adoption

is adopting from United States$2,625.00 Raised

Greenway Family Adoption

is adopting from United States$9,416.40 Raised

Hano Family Adoption - Round 2

is adopting from Bulgaria$2,651.00 Raised

Hardcastle Family Adoption

$4,400.00 Raised

Hurt Family Adoption

is adopting from United States$0.00 Raised

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