After encountering various challenges with adopting through LA County, we decided that going through a private agency was a better choice for our family. We also knew that there were hundreds of agencies out there and were slightly overwhelmed by the process of choosing an agency. There are private agencies that work only in domestic adoptions and others who do international as well as domestic. The list is about a mile long and so many are great choices! So, we did what we know best in making big decisions, we made a spreadsheet! We used this sheet to compare and contrast differing aspects of the agencies we looked into.

Research, Research, Research

We spent a few weeks researching agencies, talking with friends who had adopted and getting their feedback, and building a huge pros and cons list. It’s so important to talk to families who have adopted through the agency you’re looking into utilizing. There were so many little anecdotes from those we talked with about what they loved and did not love about the agency they went through. Also, trusting our own instincts was helpful. We noticed that some people we would talk with had a strange feeling about the agency they went with and it ended up being a difficult relationship.

The adoption process is hard enough – with enough roadblocks and emotions – finding an agency that can support you and be your cheerleader through it all is key.

We obviously haven’t finished our adoption journey yet, so I may be speaking out of turn, but we feel confident in our choice with Dillon International.

The Decision

  1. Proven Track Record of Success

  2. Local Offices

  3. Close Familial Connection 

  4. Supportive Staff

There were several reasons why we chose Dillon, but the big ones were because they have a track record of successful adoptions and they have offices here in Souther California as well as our hometown. An added perk for our family is that my sisters were adopted through Dillon International and the agency is familiar with our family. Once we found a child we requested to be matched with, it was incredible how supportive the staff at Dillon were and how quickly they respond to any questions or concerns we have had throughout this process. As it stands now, we are very happy with our choice in Dillon. They have come alongside us and supported us through the entire process thus far.

Adoption is hard, but worth it. Finding a good agency is probably one of the most important first steps you can take in the process. Good luck out there!

By Sara Farnsworth, Current AdoptTogether Family

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