The AdoptTogether Board 

The AdoptTogether Board is a dynamic collection of business leaders, entrepreneurs and creators assembled as representatives of the AdoptTogether mission to create a world with a family for every child. 
The AdoptTogether Board helps develop & execute the strategic goals essential to our organization’s growth, sustainability, and visibility. Currently, AdoptTogether stands at the precipice of our most groundbreaking year to date and we are calling upon our Board to accomplish bold, new initiatives.
AdoptTogether has already raised over $10,000,000 for more than 2,400 families in just 5 years.
Our partnership with Pure Charity has firmly established AdoptTogether as the foremost leader in adoption innovation & advocacy.
At the heart of AdoptTogether there are several core beliefs that are responsible for our rapid expansion & success:
We believe in each other.
We believe that together we are stronger.
We believe in the power of turning crowds into communities.
And ultimately, we believe that family is the bedrock of society and that every child deserves one.
[Insert FAMILY IS EVERYTHING graphic?]
No one represents these beliefs more than the AdoptTogether Board. The Board keeps our vision alive through trials and triumph, ensuring that every day is a step closer to achieving our goals. Here is our current list of Board Members and just a few of the attributes & accomplishments they bring to the table.
Rachelle and Chris Crary 
Keith Rivers 
Teddy Fong and Tiffany Hwong
Mike Refuerzo and Hope Harris
Michael and Maya Manshel
Matt and Beth Mugford
Beau Swayze

If would like to join the AdoptTogether Board, please email explaining your interest in our mission.



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