At AdoptTogether, we are continually looking for ways to expand our network of resources in order to have the greatest impact on the families we serve. If you believe you have potential in helping AdoptTogether families, then we would love to hear from you! We are always looking for help in these three main areas:

1. Social Media

Perhaps everything we have done at AdoptTogether and through #WorldAdoptionDay, has been in some way driven by social media. If you find that you’ve got a knack for gaining followers, reaching a broad audience, and keeping up with the latest trends online, then please reach out to us at and let us know how and/or what you plan to do to aid the efforts of either AdoptTogether or #worldadoptionday on social media!

2. Graphic Design

We at AdoptTogether love great graphic designers! We understand the importance in creating and maintaining a brand image that stands out amongst the all the visual stimulation fighting for people’s attention in our world. By looking unique, fashion-forward, and genuinely captivating, we are able to gain support & attention for families in need as well as the overall cause of adoption efforts worldwide. So, with that said, if you’ve got an eye for design we would be highly interested in speaking with you further! Please email with a little bit about yourself, your skills, and why you want to get on board with us!

3. Sponsorship

AdoptTogether has been consistently fortunate when it comes to connecting with great businesses & brands who are enthusiastic about supporting adoptive families. From clothing & jewelry companies, to coffee shops and celebrity endorsements, we have found creative ways to build families through strategic partnerships with influencers, business owners and artists of all kinds. If you’re interested in helping families fundraise by donating part of the proceeds from your company/individual/organization’s sales, we would love to speak with you further! Please email with a bit about who you are, your business, and a description about our potential collaboration.


For more information about how to support AdoptTogether, check out Five Ways to Support AdoptTogether


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