By Nicole Radtke

When we started the adoption journey, we were confident about using our agency (Nightlight) for two main reasons. One of those being that we wanted to have

a comprehensive experience.

We wanted to be able to use the same agency for the home study, the match and the placement of a child into our home. It was comforting to know they would be working closely with us through every step of the process, supporting and guiding us from start to finish.The second reason is just as important, if not more important.

We made sure that the agency we chose really cared about expectant/birth parents.

This agency walked along side expectant parents while they made their decision about adoption and did not pressure them. The agency gave as much counseling and support as the expectant and birth parents needed to process, plan and come to peace about their adoption plan. We love and celebrate our son’s birth mom, so it was very important to us to know that she was being loved and cared for by the agency too.

Bill & Nicole Successfully fundraised over their goal of $14,000 and adopted baby Manny Scot Radtke in 2012. See some of their helpful fundraising tools here and read a bit more of Bill’s story here.


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