We’re so excited that AdoptTogether and Pure Charity have joined together!

Here are the frequently asked questions you might have about how to navigate your new fundraiser dashboard and process. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email us! info@adopttogether.org

Need to Confirm Your Account?

In order to access your profile, you must confirm your account.

For families with an adoption fundraiser prior to the partnership, a new account has been created for you on Pure Charity. In order to access your account, you will need to reset your password. Click here and you will be taken to a page where you will enter your email address which will serve as your new username, and then click “reset your password.” Pure Charity will send you an email that will allow you to verify your account and reset your password. Please note: you must reset your password to access your adoption fundraiser.

For new adopting families, when you create your account and an email will be sent to your email address that will allow you to confirm your account. Once you verify it, you will setup a new password that you will use to login with moving forward.

Need Help Accessing Your Adoption Fundraiser?

To access your fundraiser, first login to your AdoptTogether account here using the email address you used to create your fundraiser with. Once you login, you will land on your User Dashboard. The User Dashboard serves as your central command center where you can access your fundraiser, manage payment sources, pull year end reports, and adjust notification settings.

When you land on your User Dashboard, click “View All” and then click the name of your fundraiser to access your Fundraiser Dashboard.

Your Fundraiser Dashboard is where you can manage donor information, post updates, request grant disbursements, and edit your fundraiser story. To view your fundraiser on AdoptTogether’s website, click “View Profile.”

How to Navigate the Adoption Fundraiser Dashboard

Your Fundraiser Dashboard serves as the place where you can manage donor information, pull donation reports, post updates, request grant disbursements and edit your fundraising story and branding.

Important things to know about your Dashboard:

The “Overview” provides a breakdown of donations, grants and also a place where you can download a donation form for donors who want to give by checks.

“Donations” is where you filter and download donation report by a date range. You can also pull a full report of all donations by generating and downloading a “Gifts by Date” report under “Reports.”

“Updates” is where you can communicate with donors or family and friends who check out your adoption fundraiser. When you post an update, it post to your Adoption Fundraiser, as well as triggering an email with the update that gets sent to all donors.

“Profile” is where you can update your fundraiser story, or change the cover image that is displayed on your fundraiser page on AdoptTogether.

If you would like to send an email through your personal email account, you can also download a report under “Donor Emails” for a complete report of all current donor email addresses.

If you have raised funds with AdoptTogether before the partnership with Pure Charity, you can see the amount under “Promotional Transfers.”

“Adoption Grants” is where you will be able to request a new grant, as well as view past grant history.

To view your fundraiser on AdoptTogether, click “View Fundraiser”.

Don't See Past Donation History?

As part of the AdoptTogether and Pure Charity partnership, legacy AdoptTogether profiles do not have donation history migrated. The monies are still there! You’ll just confirm the totals against the progress bar of the fundraiser and the Net Designated Gifts. These accurately display the donation totals you had prior to the migration. Going forward, donation history will be accrued and reportable as before.

How to Apply Checks to Your Adoption Fundraiser

It’s super easy for a donor to give to your adoption fundraiser by check! On your Fundraiser Dashboard’s Overview you will find an ID and a donation form.

The ID is what Pure Charity uses to map and apply donations to your fundraiser. When donors send in checks it is vital that your specific ID is listed on the check’s memo line. To guarantee that all donor information is captured and the donation is applied to the correct fundraiser, donors can also fill out a donation form and send it in with the check.

Checks should be mailed to:

AdoptTogether’s Fund at Pure Charity PO Box 1234 Searcy, AR 72145

Check information is also provided on the donation checkout screen.

How to Request an Adoption Grant

Ready to request a disbursement of funds for your adoption fundraiser? First, go to your Fundraiser Dashboard and click “Adoption Grants” and then click “New Request.”

The form that will appear includes information that AdoptTogether will need to process your grant request. Once the form is submitted, AdoptTogether will review and confirm the details of your request.

Please Note: Net Designated Gifts is the total amount funds raised through the platform, minus the 5% processing fees. If you had an account with AdoptTogether before the new partnership, the conditions below will apply to you:

  1. Your total that was raised on AdoptTogether before your new profile is also reflected on Pure Charity. Past donor information and donation level details will not be reflected.
  2. We will be importing historical grant information that will be visible on your Fundraiser Dashboard soon. Until then, if you have any questions, please contact info@adopttogether.org

What is a Field Partner?

A “Field Partner” is what Pure Charity calls a verified nonprofit. Pure Charity can only disburse funds to verified nonprofits (Field Partners) who meet the criteria below:  
  • You have to be a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and have a current profile on Guidestar.
  • You cannot discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, disability, age, veteran status, medical condition, citizenship, ancestry or marital status.
  • Your organization should have a proven track record of successful programs.
  • Your organization should have the resources and capacity to provide the required feedback for your projects.

When creating a fundraiser, you will have the option to choose a recipient that you would like your funds to be disbursed to. Only nonprofits that have already been verified through Pure Charity will appear on the list available to choose from.

Don’t see your agency on the beneficiary list? You can add your agency to Pure Charity’s verified Field Partner list by following the instructions below:

Need to Add Your Adoption Agency to Pure Charity's Verified Field Partners?

Don’t see your agency listed under the beneficiary list? In order for your agency to show as a verified Field Partner, your agency will need to create an account on Pure Charity.

Listed below is a communication template you can send to the agency with instructions on how to set up their profile on Pure Charity. We would highly recommend that you send the communication to the agency’s Accountant or your personal Case Manager.

Before you send the email, please cc help@purecharity.com so they can assist with the setup and verification process.


I have created an adoption fundraiser at AdoptTogether: (Fundraiser name).

AdoptTogether allows adoption families to tell their story and fundraise for adoption expenses in a tax-deductible way. In order for me to disburse my fundraising directly to (agency’s name), I will need your help in setting up a profile for the organization on Pure Charity, the online fundraising platform AdoptTogether uses.

Setting up a profile is free and will allow me to link (agency’s name) as my beneficiary recipient for grant disbursements. Before funds can be disbursed, Pure Charity will check your 501c3 status and verify your account.

You can create the profile for (agency’s name) here.

If you have any questions, you can contact help@purecharity.com. Once you create your profile, a Pure Charity representative will be in touch on the next steps for verification.


(Your Name)”

Do Donors Need to Create an Account to Donate?

When first-time donors come to your fundraiser to donate, they will be asked to provide their name, email address, and payment information. After they donate, an account will be created for them and an email will be sent that will allow them to “claim their account”.

If donors “claim their account” they will be taken to a page where they can set a password that they will use moving forward to access their account with. Donors MUST claim their account in order to access their payment sources, statements, or any other personal information attached to their profile.

Please Note: If donors choose to give a second time, they’ll be asked to sign in the with the email address and password associated with their profile.

Reasons that an account is created for donors:

  • It allows donors to give a second donation easily and quickly because their payment information is tied to their account.
  • It allows donors to view transactional history, as well as download their monthly and year-end statements.
  • Donors can edit any personal information as well as set privacy levels for what information is passed to the fundraiser organizer.

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