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We are so excited to help you fundraise for your adoption.

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What do I need to start raising money on AdoptTogether?

Simply create a family profile with your adoption story, family photo, and fundraising goal. Once your profile is complete, you can begin fundraising for your adoption expenses.

How do I receive the funds that were donated to our fundraising profile?

To receive funds, simply fill out a grant request with the supporting documentation that shows the adoption related expense(s). The Board reviews grant requests on a monthly basis and awards grants via check to adopting families based on adoption status, actual adoption expenses, donor designated contributions and AdoptTogether's financial status.

How long does it take to get a grant rewarded?

Grant requests are reviewed by AdoptTogether board every 30 days and approved grants are processed the following week.

Can I donate to my own profile?

No. AdoptTogether does not allow donations to your own profile.

How long can we keep our profile up?

As long as there is a need to raise adoption expenses. we encourage families to continue updating their profile with videos, blogs, etc. Fundraising may continue even after you've brought your child home!