Help Fund Adoptions

AdoptTogether is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for adoption. Every gift you give, brings a family one step closer to their child.

Help Fund Adoptions

AdoptTogether is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for adoption. Every gift you give, brings a family one step closer to their child.

Raise money for your adoption by turning crowds into communities.

Create an AdoptTogether profile and invite your friends & family to make designated donations to bring your child home. Follow a few, short steps to create your profile and start collecting tax-deductible donations for your adoption today!

Wittig Family Adoption

is adopting from Uganda$37,000.00 Raised

Harder Family Adoption

is adopting from United States$22,850.00 Raised

Dorsey Seoul Sibling Adoption

is adopting from South Korea$30,500.00 Raised

Help the Matthews Family Adopt a Child!

is adopting from United States$2,300.00 Raised

Miyamasu Family Adoption

$3,320.00 Raised

Sanchez Family

is adopting from United States$25,600.00 Raised
“We are so grateful for AdoptTogether!  Without AdoptTogether we would not have been able to grow our family through adoption at this point in our lives. AdoptTogether allowed us to engage our friends and family through fundraising, which has not only enabled us to pay for our adoption, but it has also allowed our networks of friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers to join our journey of adoption and encourage and celebrate with us each step of the way.  We love the opportunity to bring education and awareness about adoption to all of our networks.”

-Andrea and Mark Wittig, Adopted from Uganda

“AdoptTogether was such a blessing to find!  Having a place where friends can both donate online AND have it be tax deductible was so perfect.  I know that so many times I’ve wanted to donate to a cause and end up forgetting to write and mail the check.  I’m sure that having my profile with AdoptTogether helped make certain that anyone who wanted to donate to my adoption was able to do so easily and immediately.  I was so thankful to find that complete strangers came across my profile and were inspired to donate.”

-Sarah Barnes, Adopted from China

“We were one of the first families to fundraise through AdoptTogether. We couldn’t believe the amount of family and friends that showed their support. By the time we brought our son Manny home, our fundraising goal had been reached! Not only had people donated and prayed for us, but because of Adopt Together, they were able to follow our story and journey with us through the emotional ups and downs of the adoption process. Many of our supporters told us that they felt as though they already knew Manny before meeting him. This is what we loved most about Adopt Together…a whole community was waiting to hold and love Manny before he was home. After all, “It takes a village…”!

-Nicole Radtke, U.S

“When we first decided to adopt internationally, we were overwhelmed by the cost. We knew with every morsel of our being that we were supposed to adopt and moved forward with excitement and faith. Soon after, I was referred to AdoptTogether and set up an account. I couldn’t believe it. It was exactly what we needed in order to promote our need for financial support while giving friends and family the ability to get a tax deduction. AdoptTogether also offered a training on how to raise funds well. They have been a source of support for us as we try to navigate through this crazy process. I am so grateful we connected with them and would encourage anyone in the adoption process to do the same.”

-Tacy Riehm, Adopted from Haiti

“In our experience fundraising is simply a part of what AdoptTogether does, but it’s not what a AdoptTogether IS. AdoptTogether is Hope. From the community you build and the excitement you share, to the advocacy they do, and yes, the money you raise – AdoptTogether is a ballast of opportunity in the marathon that is Adoption. Cannot recommend it enough.”

-Erik Quillen, Adopted from South Korea


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