The Family is the force behind the work of AdoptTogether.

The Family is a community of committed individuals who make it possible for us to work towards creating a family for every child. This group of instrumental donors covers everything behind the scenes. They fund the technology that allows our families to fundraise for adoptions, staff salaries, basic office systems and everything in between.
Their investment fuels our long-term mission, our ability to scale as an organization,and our mission to continue supporting families with grants.

The Family’s impact on AdoptTogether’s mission to create a family for every child.

For every
donated to The Family
AdoptTogether helps families raise
For adoption
It's been 11 years since we launched
We're helped over 5,000 families
Raise over 30M to adopt children

Meet the Ludwig Family

Members of The Family

Bebe & Michael Abramson
Nico Argyropoulos
Sara & Artie Baxter
Ryan & Janet Breitenbach
Ben & Kathleen Brosseau
David Choe
Rachelle & Chris Crary
Ruthi & Ryan Daugherty
Catherine & Cory DeFrancisco
Tiffany & Teddy Fong
Chuck & Anne Fortener
Sueann & Hank Fortener
Russell Gimelstob
Jenny & David Groom
Tara & Matt Hannaford
Rikki Hughes
Danelle & Matt Lavin
Joyce & James Lee
Jason& Yvonne Lee
Keren Lerner & Matt Sedigh
Robbie & Charles Lew
Nick Mathers
Matthew Miller
Stenn & Betsy Parton
Channing & Scott Power
Rob Rubano
Allie & Keegan Rosenberger
Christine Bullock & Robert Simon
Jason Strauss
Lindsay & Curtis Stone
Cosima & Beau Swayze

Membership gifting levels

Membership to The Family is a 3 year commitment.
There is no maximum gift amount.