What is AdoptTogether?

Before answering the question of “What is AdoptTogether?” it is important to first answer the why…

Many people today can afford to raise a child, but even financially stable families are often overwhelmed by the unexpected accumulation of costs inherent within the adoption process. Today, it costs as much to adopt as it does to buy a brand new BMW or to place a down payment on a home. This is why AdoptTogether exists.

AdoptTogether is a non-profit, crowdfunding platform that bridges the gap between families who want to adopt and the children who need loving homes.

Hank Fortener, founder and CEO of AdoptTogether, understands the burdensome blessing that is the adoption process. His family fostered 36 children and adopted 8 from 6 different countries while he was growing up. He knows firsthand how painful & euphoric adopting a child can be, and it is this experienced heart for adoption that drives AdoptTogether.

The mission of AdoptTogether is to create a world in which there is a family for every child. Whether you’re a family who feels called to adopt or a donor who wants to support an adoptive family in need, you’re essential to this mission.

Email any questions to info@adopttogether.org

Adopting Family

When registering as an adopting family, you complete a brief online profile that tells us how far you are in your adoption process and allows you to share your story with generous supporters who will then be able to donate towards your adoption expenses.

We do our best to help you turn crowds into communities that will rally around your family for years to come. 

Click here for more information about How AdoptTogether Works.  


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