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Culkin Family Adoption is raising money on AdoptTogether for their adoption from China.

Culkin Family Adoption

is adopting from China

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The Culkin Family is Growing! We are adopting TWINS!

Before we got married, we discussed a mutual calling to bring an adopted child into our family. After moving to China, we decided that now is the best time, so we started the process last spring. In July, we received the files for twin girls and knew right away that they were the perfect fit for our family. 

We are beyond excited and are doing everything we can to be prepared to welcome these two beautiful children into our home. It may surprise you to hear that adoption related costs can be expensive, and while we anticipated the cost of adopting one child, we could use your help in funding the adoption and keeping the sisters together. We are committed to bringing these girls home, but also know that we can count on the support of the generous community.

We hope that the adoption will be finalized around April 2018, so our new twin girls can come back to the U.S. with us when we return in the summer of 2018.

By inviting you into this process, we hope that you will see yourself as part of our growing family. Please feel free to share the story with your friends and loved ones. Thank you so much for your support!


Lindsay, Colin, and Whirley Bird

Our adoption just got updated to Travel Planned by Lindsay Culkin

The day is finally here! We received confirmation that we can pick up the girls from their orphanage next Monday, May 28th. We are elated to finally be able to meet them and welcome them into the family. Stay tuned for updated pictures and stories of this monumental day!

Thanks again to everyone who has donated and helped support our dream to create a family through adoption. Our family is beyond blessed to have such a strong and loving support system. 

Our adoption just got updated to Child Identified by Lindsay Culkin

Last July, we were presented with the file for two beautiful twin girls. We immediately told our agency that we thought they were a perfect fit for our family and asked them to lock the file. They did and we moved ahead with Pre-Approval (PA) through China. We were quickly awarded PA while we completed the rest of our paperwork. As of the end of March we received Letter Seeking Confirmation (LSC) and we can excited say that the girl's are ours!!

We are looking forward to having a date to travel to the orphanage and pick them up in the next few weeks! Check back here for our travel dates!!

Our adoption just got updated to Paperwork Complete by Lindsay Culkin

Paperwork Is In Route to China!

Today is a big day in the Culkin Household, because our dossier is finally on it's way to China to be reviewed by CCWA (The China Adoption Agency). We have been anxiously waiting for this monumental step to happen because it means we are about 3 months away from meeting our girls. We now will wait for CCCWA to review our packet and send us a confirmation that we can officially adopt the twins. We'll keep everyone updated as we receive more information. Thanks for following along with us on this journey!

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