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Lindsay’s dream

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Dear Family and friends,

      I have decided to make my life long dream become a reality. As many of you know, my dream of adoption started when I was nine. I tried adopting a child from Ethiopia when I turned twenty-eight, but then they closed single parent adoption. Although it reopened, I would have been on a waitlist for three years and would have had to start the adoption process all over again. Even though I lost 18,000 dollars that year, I proceeded to try through the Texas state system and took hours of parenting classes. Initially, I was accepted but was later told many people do not want single parent households. As I taught in different schools around the country, I continued to try to adopt in each state, but ultimately nothing panned out. After trying to adopt for twenty years, I had given up all hope of having a child of my own.

      However, watching my two sisters and close friends give birth in recent years has renewed my hope of adopting and raising my own child. I have always wanted to give a child a loving and nurturing home. Helping children grow and learn in a safe environment is very important to me. Moving back to Texas and being a part of the lives of my nieces, nephews, and godchildren has motivated me to continue my pursuit of adoption.

        Recently, I found an adoption agency in Dallas, Texas that works with a small group of families. They have had success with single parent adoptions. I am excited about the possibility of making a lifelong dream become a reality, but I need your help. The cost of adoption is expensive, and as a single teacher, I do not have the resources to fulfill this dream. I am reaching out to my global village of family and friends and asking for help because I can’t do it alone. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and the support and prayers you have given me throughout all these years. I appreciate you all being a part of my life and being a part of this new journey I am about to embark on in my life.

Our adoption just got updated to Paperwork In Process by Lindsay Wurtzel

I am at the start of a new adventure. The company I am working with is reviewing my information and then will let me know the next step. 

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