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The Thomas Family Adoption is raising money on AdoptTogether for their adoption from United States.

The Thomas Family Adoption

is adopting from United States

Adoption Status

Child Identified

We have really EXCITING news that we want to share!

We are adopting a sweet baby boy/girl???

We are beyond excited and are doing everything we can to be prepared to welcome a beautiful new life into our home. Some of you may know but adoption is something that my husband I have discussed for quite some time. It is something that means a great deal to both us for many reasons. We believe that this is the time that we are called to embark on this faith lead journey and would like to complete it with the help of community, family and friends. It truly takes a village to raise a child and the birth mother that chooses us will need a lot of support, as well us in ways that we are not even aware of yet. 

As part of our adoption process, we have started a crowdfunding campaign. It may surprise you to hear that adoption related costs can easily total up to $35,000 or more. While we are also looking into various adoption grant options, we have set a goal of $45,000 to help ease the financial burden that often overwhelms adoptive parents. This was not an easy to ask those who we know and do not know to support us in this journey. We truly look at this as a faith walk and trust that through your help and support we will be able to help a birth mother with expenses and fees toward her prenatal care, labor and delivery expenses, housing expenses, attorney fees, our travel to meet he/she that has been chosen for our family as well. 

As a family of color, we have learned that there are many birth mothers of color who would like to have the option of choosing adoptive parents of color but sadly we are of the minority. This is disheartening reality; yet an honest truth that has empowered us to explore this an option to expand our family unit.

We hope that by inviting you into this process, you will see yourself as part of the community we hope to build around our sweet baby as he/she grows up. Nelson Mandela once said “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children”. Our vision is to bring a precious baby into our home and shower them with infinite love.

We want to thank you in advance for extending yourself and supporting us in this way. If you are willing to donate or share, we greatly appreciate you and the baby that is meant for our home will be forever grateful as well. We will continue to make posts and keep everyone updated as our journey unfolds. ❤️

With love,

The Thomas Family

Our adoption just got updated to Child Identified by Sabrina Foulks-Thomas

We have matched with two amazing birth moms!!!❤️❤️ Please continue to pray for us and the two births and the babies they are carrying!!!!

Waiting on a MATCH!!! by Sabrina Foulks-Thomas

Please keep us in your prayers as we are waiting to hear on a match!!!!❤️❤️

Our adoption just got updated to Paperwork Complete by Sabrina Foulks-Thomas

We are excited to have a completed home study and waiting to be matched with a birth mom❤️

Our adoption just got updated to Paperwork Complete by Sabrina Foulks-Thomas

We are so excited as we have completed our home study and it has been approved. We have competed our profile book and we are ready to MATCH! Praying for birth mom and baby that the Lord has ready for us. This journey will touch you wide and deep. Praying every step of the way.

Our adoption just got updated to Paperwork Complete by Sabrina Foulks-Thomas

We are so excited as we have completed our home study and it has been approved. We have competed our profile book and we are ready to MATCH! Praying for birth mom and baby that the Lord has ready for us. This journey will touch you wide and deep. Praying every step of the way.

Words of Love and Community Support by Sabrina Foulks-Thomas

"So happy for you guys! This is already written as a done deal. You WILL reach your goal!" From, Tameika Ned

"What a beautiful thing to do, I'm so happy for your family! God bless!" From, Mary Rodgers

"The perfect family to expand!"
From, William Gay

"Sorry it’s not much. I wish you guys the best!!!"
From, Pamela Selvage

"Praying for you guys that everything goes smoothly. Congrats!!" From, Chad and Lisa Snow

"You'll give this baby a wonderful home, filled with love. Can't wait to see the pictures! <3 Athena"
From, Anonymous Donor

"So excited for your family! Praying for you all!"
From, Denos

"What a wonderful journey you are about to begin! Happy to support you if only in a small way. :)"
From, Jen Johnston

"The Reese-Kelley family loves and supports you all. Can’t wait to meet the new addition! "
From, Abigail Reese-Kelley

"Chermond.... I know my donation is small looking at your overall goal but as someone who wants nothing more than to be a mom, I understand your heart’s hope on some level. I’m currently working up the courage to move forward and do the single mom thing and try to have a baby on my own.... still working on the courage part.."
From, Nikki Hammer

"Best of luck on this beautiful journey!"
From, Catherine Tapper

"Wishing you and your family the best of luck on your adoption journey!"
From, Shaba & Natanael Martinez

"May this be just one seed of many to be planted! God bless!"
From, La Rhonda Long

"Congrats!" From, The Waldings

"Congrats!" From, Matt Petrick

"Good luck with your home study. Praying that it goes well. ". From, Mike and Roxanne

“Love you brother! "
From, Helleson Family

"Praying for all the best for you and your baby to
be.” From, Dan and Tania Aiken

"Best of luck to you and your family from the Nielsen Family. " From, Krista Nielsen

“There is so much going on in the world right now. I’ve been putting effort into macro change. But suddenly realizing micro change is important too. Possibly even the most important change. We still don’t have a ton of extra cash to wield in regards to monetary influence. But I thought, in the midst of current events, of you guys. And what better cause could I find to donate to, than your hopes to create loving family for a child, In which he or she is raised with consciousness, love and awareness.”  From Kierrin Viall

“So happy and excited for you guys As you go on your adoption journey. I couldn't think of a better blessing to a mom in need and a precious little baby.” From Monica Zatarski

“With love from Team Snyder!” From Becky Snyder

”So excited for your family to grow!”- Ashley, Zach and Rainy Day 🙂

“We love you and are praying for your adoption process!” -Chloe, Ben, JH, and Ellison

❤️ From Kierrin Viall

“Good luck on your life adventure!” From Rosie VanLaanen

From Kristen Zorbini Bongard, a small gift towards adopting a sweet baby. What a worthy goal. ❤️

From, Rachel Crites

Congratulations and God bless your angel adoption. What a blessing and a gift you are giving to the world. Sending love. Brandy Brey

So, so happy for your family! love, Team Feiker"
From, Christy Feiker

Best of Luck! From Timothy Kappeler

"Dear Thomas Family ... from a blessed adoptive family to another, congratulations on making this choice to experience a gift unlike any other! This child is so lucky for the love you will give him/her. We will pray for you." From, Marta Loeb

"We are so excited for you guys. Love seeing families of color adopt! Can’t wait to see how God writes this story!" From, Courtney

“For lil community baebae!” From, Regiana

“Congratulations again! Sending many blessings.” From, Wantanesha

“God Bless!” From, Alisha Tillery

“For I wish you the best!” From, Rose Santoyo

“For your adoption, be blessed!” From, Reggie

“May God bless you on this incredible journey! From, Gabrielle Lee

“For good stuff you two!” From, Tory Ingram 

“For adoption Donation❤️!” From, Michell Patterson 

“Sending Blessings Your Way“ From, Jessica Kern

"Peace, love and best wishes, Mr. Thomas. You and your wife are doing something wonderful here. Your talent for always doing the right thing never ceases to amaze me. I'm proud of you and Coach would be too! Luck and love always!" From, Steven L. Tietz

"Best wishes from a family also blessed by adoption. May God bless you on your journey! From the Gold Family" From, Anonymous Donor

"What a beautiful thing lead by an amazing family."
  From,Emily Schaal

"Congratulations! We can’t wait to meet the newest neighbor ❤️ -Stephanie, Patrick & Dean"
From, Stephanie Taff, Patrick & Dean Sheehan

"So excited for you guys!!" From, Sharon/Tom Hust

"We are so blessed to have you in our lives and your future child is blessed too! God is good! We are excited to be a part of your journey."

"Saw your story in the Journal/sentinel , it touched my heart. I live in Gtown and my youngest went to GermantownHS. Wish I could do more. God Bless."
From, Vicky M Hojnacki

"Best wishes to your lovely family! " From, Jennifer Kontny

"So happy for your family!!" From, Erica Wright

"Rooting for you all! Can’t wait for you all to hold your new babe/babies!" From, Mackenzie Novitski

"We are so happy for you guys! Amazing family!"
From, Kim and JR Schnabel

""From, Lisa Burgos

Our adoption just got updated to Paperwork In Process by Sabrina Foulks-Thomas

We are excited to be starting our home study!!!❤️

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