is adopting a child from Taiwan, Province of China

2020 finds us in the adoption process again!

We adopted our son from Taiwan in March 2018 when he was 2 years old. In November 2019, we found out that our son has a sister! We were shocked as we had no previous knowledge that he has a sibling. As we prayed, our hearts ached for her and we knew we needed to do whatever was possible to allow them to grow up together.

In March 2020, we received her official file 3 years to the day that we received our son’s file back in 2017! We could officially start the adoption process. They are 18 months apart and we are so excited that they will get to have a relationship with each other and grow up together.

Although this has all been a surprise to us, we acknowledge God’s control and orchestrating these events for His glory. As we work through the paperwork and prepare to bring her home, we have opened a fundraiser to help with the funding of the adoption in hopes that some might support/partner with us in this process. During the process of adopting our son many people we spoke with were surprised to hear that international adoptions easily cost USD35,000+.

We hope that by inviting you into this process, you will see yourself as a part of the story of bringing a little girl home to her brother. We greatly appreciate any financial support you are able to provide and covet your prayers as we go through the adoption process again. The adoption processes continues to stretch and challenge us in every way imaginable.

In preparation for our son's adoption, we intentionally and actively saved for several years and were therefore able to pay for the full adoption without fundraisers or grants. As we were quite surprised by our current adoption we’ve not had the necessary time to save the needed funds, which has made it necessary to reach out for support from our friends and family.

We have seen God’s hand from the very beginning of this process and know that He is in control. Adoption ultimately comes from loss, brokenness, and pain. These little ones have experienced losses we will never comprehend, understand or experience. We remind ourselves that ‘we adopt not because we are rescuers but rather we adopt because we have been rescued.

Again, we can’t thank you enough for your support and prayers!

J, A, & L

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