Kandace Cornutt

is adopting a child from India

Before Kandace and I ever met we both know we knew we wanted to adopt with our future families. Since we moved to Hendersonville the desire to adopt has grown strong and stronger. Through prayer and counsel we decided to step out in faith to what we believe the Lord is calling us to do. We have been accepted to the India program with Lifeline as our adoption agency. We are both nervous and excited. We know that the only response we can offer is obedience to God in this calling. There will be many challenges in the days ahead. From the home study, raising the money, and knowing that most likely our child is already out there waiting for us to come and bring them home. We are seeking support as we begin this journey. First, we ask for your prayers. We have a lot of new adventures in the days ahead to make. Decisions on which special needs we are open to, completing our homestudy, and finding ways to save and raise money. This is not something we take lightly and truly covet our prayers. Second, you can support us financially. We are going to need to come up with just under $40,000 to bring our child home. That is a huge figure that leaves us wondering how we can raise such a number. Through giving on this website you will not only be blessing us, you will also receive a statement for your taxes for giving to a 501(3c). If you are able to give I ask that you prayerfully consider helping us bring home our child. We will update you along the way. Thank you for considering helping us bring home our son or daughter!

Adoption Status

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