Sarah Tow

is adopting a child from United States of America

We are so excited to welcome Rowan’s little SISTER into our family this October!!!

God placed the desire of adoption on my heart over 10 years ago and I have always known that I would adopt more than one child. I spent years preparing financially; I budgeted, cleared all debt except for my house payment, lived frugally, saved every penny, took a loan, and was blessed by the donations of many of you.

The week of May 17th, 2021, I specifically asked God for direction and clarity on my next adoption as it can be a lengthy process as a single parent; when to start, what agency to use, what type of adoption to pursue, and He answered quickly with two undeniable signs:

  • The following Monday I unexpectedly received a call from the agency case worker that I had with Rowan. Rowan’s birth parents are pregnant again, making an adoption plan, and would like to place Baby with Rowan and me!

  • I spoke with my daycare that same day to see about their availability of an infant spot. Rowan was on a waitlist for a year before they had space for him yet this time, they have ONE infant spot they will hold for this baby.

I want to ask my community to consider supporting my family by joining in prayer as we walk through the unique challenges of adoption; for the health of this new baby, and that her birthparents find peace, grace, and comfort in this brave decision. Also, for Rowan as he transitions into the role of big brother.

The costs associated with adoption are significant. Many don’t realize that adoption related costs can easily total up to $50,000 or more. I am doing everything I can to provide these children the life they so deserve together. I applied for a loan to obtain the total amount of money I need to finalize the adoption process. I also applied for several grants.

So, while asking for financial support from friends, family and complete strangers is not my favorite thing, I am starting a crowdfunding campaign and have set a goal of $35,000 to help offset some of the financial burden. I hope that by inviting you into this process, you will see yourself as part of the community I am building around my children as they grow up.

I have not sent this request out into the world to encourage anyone to feel obligated to give financially. However, if hearing our story finds you led to give, any gift would be a blessing.

With transparency, I will share a snapshot of what it will look like to grow our family. I have already paid the first two expenses:

  • $22,000 Agency Match Fee (contract signing)

  • $1,200 retainer for In State Attorney

Upcoming expenses include:

  • $17,000 Agency Placement fee (due when Baby is born)

  • $2,600 In State Attorney fees

  • $2,500 Out of State Attorney fees

  • $2,000 Home Study update

  • $2,000 Airbnb (1 month as we wait out the ICPC paperwork process)

  • $500 Post Placement Reports

  • $135 Miscellaneous (home study social worker mileage/gas, etc.)

  • $65 Fingerprinting

  • Roundtrip airfare for Rowan and me

  • Rental car (1 month)

I am partnering with AdoptTogether, a non-profit IRS approved 501c3 organization, that allows your donation to apply solely towards my adoption expenses. Your donation is tax deductible, and you will receive a receipt upon donation. This is especially helpful if donors have access to Corporate Matching Gift programs through their place of employment.

I am sending this to anyone and everyone who might feel led to help. Some of you helped with Rowan’s adoption and those who did were unbelievably generous and supportive. I am beyond excited to welcome a second beautiful new life into our home. I said yes, because I know this is the right thing. Thank you for your prayers as I begin this process all over again! Your support truly means the world to Rowan and me.

-Sarah & Rowan

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    Now this is a cause we can get behind! What a blessing for you all.
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    This is so awesome and I'm so happy for you and Rowan!! Such a blessing and gift!!💕