Matt & Rachel Arnold

are adopting a child from United States of America

January 2023 UPDATE Our new addition was born just a couple of days after I typed out our story below! We were able to bring Isaiah home just in time for Christmas! We're so thankful to be adjusting to our new family of 4 and we are completely in love with our son! God has truly written a miracle over the last several weeks and it has been an honor to see what God is continuing to do. Prayers continue to be appreciated as we continue to figure our finances and caring for 2 sweet babes under 2 years old! Thank you for all your support thus far! We have feel so loved over the last month!


We are adopting…. again!

A couple of weeks ago, Odessa's biological parents reached out to us to let us know that they were expecting another baby… due on DECEMBER 15th! They asked us if we would adopt this baby BOY. We immediately said YES! We are very excited to be welcoming Odessa's biological brother into our family and we are holding space for all the emotions, especially for Odessa's first parents.

With all of this being so unexpected, there are a couple of ways you can help, as you are able!

First and foremost, please pray! Pray for peace for Odessa's biological parents during this time. Pray that God would work all the of the details out so that our home study is mostly done before baby boy is born! There are so many other prayer requests rolled into this, however these are the big two at the moment!

Additionally, finances are certainly are concern in this situation. We have been scrambling to get funds together. Due to some aspects of the situation, there are less costs than last time, so the lawyer fees are $32,000. We are hoping to fundraise and receive adoption grants to help us to our goal of $35,000 (an extra $3,000 for travel expenses - i.e. an AirBnB and rental car for unknown amounts of time and last minute airplane tickets). We are also anticipating limited income while I’m on maternity leave because I don’t yet qualify for FMLA at my new job.

We know this is a time of tight funds, so we appreciate you considering supporting us!

Thank you for joining us and praying with us for this journey once again!

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  • Mary Hale gave an undisclosed amount
    Rachel and Matt, what a blessing you are to these children
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    So excited that Isaiah is a part of your family!! Lots of love- Aunt Terri and Uncle John
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    God bless
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    Congratulations!! So excited for all of you. Enjoy your journey!
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    How exciting and what an awesome God thing to have a biological sibling for Odessa!
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    Congrats Rachel & Matt!So so happy for you two! I haven't gotten to see your parenting skills in action but I have no doubt whatsoever that little Isaiah is joining a loving, generous family that will raise him to be a fantastic human being