Jeff and Amanda Gallagher

are adopting a child from United States of America

Thank you for your investment in my life. I am either about to be conceived or am currently growing in my birth mother’s womb. Before the foundation of the world, God had a plan for my life. He knows my eye color, future hobbies, and who I will become. From the beginning of time, He orchestrated a sequence of events so that I will be loved by many different family members. My birth mom and dad are making a great sacrifice to offer me a better life as I am entrusted to Jeff and Amanda Gallagher. My adoption story will be introduced from infancy, so it will become a normal part of my existence. I will grow up in an environment where I will be supported and nurtured. Whatever my strengths and interests are, they will be applauded and developed. I will grow up learning about Jesus and having the opportunity to follow Him. I will have a family and friend support system that will love and cherish me. Interacting with other cultures in our church and community will enrich my life and world view. I look forward to eventually meeting you and will be forever grateful for your commitment to my wellbeing and development.

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  • Update 3

    We Are Active

    December 6, 2023

    We want to update you with some exciting news. As of yesterday, we are active with our adoption agency. This means the home study is complete, initial funds have been paid, and we have signed the contract with our adoption agency. It will now take on average 9-12 months to be matched with a birth family. Please click on the below link to enjoy our short adoption video; if you scroll down, there is more information and photos posted.

    Thanks for walking with us on this journey.

    With Anticipation,
    Amanda & Jeff

  • Update 2

    Fully Funded & Next Steps

    September 12, 2023

    We are thrilled to share that we have reached our financial goal. We want to thank everyone who has prayed for and contributed to our adoption. We are still in awe of how this goal was accomplished in 6 weeks. Praise God for His provision! So “What’s next?” you may be wondering. Right now, we are finishing steps for our home study (paperwork, home inspection, interview, fingerprinting & background check, adoption on-line courses, etc…). We anticipate being done with our home study in October which is perfect timing because it takes about 30 days for the funds from Adopt Together to be approved and sent to our adoption agency. Upon completion of these steps, we plan to go active with American Adoptions by the middle to the end of October. We have an on-line portfolio and video for potential birth moms to view. With American Adoptions, on average it takes 9-12 months to be chosen by a birth mom. This process, of course, can go faster or slower. We would appreciate your prayers for smooth closure to our home study and that God will direct the birth mom that He would have choose us.
    Thanks for Walking with Us,
    Jeff & Amanda

  • Update 1

    Very Close to Reaching the Goal

    August 24, 2023

    We are overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone that has contributed towards this adoption. We are richly blessed to be a part of a family and community that has invested in our marriage and our pursuit of parenthood through adoption. Thank you all so very much.
    This evening we received a ginormous personal gift towards our adoption. Because of this our Adopt Together goal has now dropped from $80,000 to $51,000. We praise God for this provision, and we are very close now to reaching our goal. What we experienced this evening reminds us of the Bible story of the boy who brought the disciples 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread to feed a huge multitude of people. Jesus miraculously increased the food, so there was even extra leftover. Praise God for His presence and provision in our lives. He has done a miracle today. All glory and honor goes to Jesus!

    With Anticipation,
    Jeff and Amanda Gallagher

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    We are excited for you both!thougjts and prayers continue as you walk this journey
  • Lisa M McDonald gave an undisclosed amount
    We know you've already met your goal, but we wanted to give a little gift anyway. We'll be praying for you!!
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    So excited for you! Praying for you!