Sam & Josh Knipp

are adopting a child from United States of America

We have been married for nearly 10 years. We have always wanted a family; it really was not even a question if we would have children when we met. We both laughed at the fact that we never talked about it and both assumed one another wanted children however what we really did not talk about is NOT having children. What would that look like? Would our family be a family? Who would “we” be? Let me explain… we have not been blessed with the option to reproduce naturally and did not come to find out this information until our third year of marriage. We tried endlessly to make a family. We fought off our jealously when friends and family were having children and or when you must explain to a stranger for the millionth time why you do not yet have a family. In all seriousness though we found it to take a long time for the two of us to JUST BE. Acceptance, grief, mourning etc. and all of the childbearing talk aside, we needed to find us and JUST BE. God has a plan for us and it has worked out so beautifully on his watch.

TOGETHER & SEPARATELY we gave our journey a rest for the past three years accepting our fate and accepting the blessings we have been given, JUST BEEING. Both digging deep through therapy sessions, meditation, exercise and LOVE. As 2022 came upon us, Josh and I felt a "God Slap" and began to look deeper into adoption.

It is clearer now more than ever; adoption is our last chance at parenthood.

As you might not know the average cost of domestic infant adoption is nearly $85K. This can be quite the burden to bear if walked alone.

To put it plainly, we need each other, Josh and I need you. Josh and I long to share our experiences, love, affection and joy with you as we begin this next beautiful chapter of our story together.

May Gods promises be fulfilled in His ever divine timing.

We are so grateful for you.

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  • Update 2

    He’s Arrived!

    February 17, 2023

    God has blessed us with a sweet baby boy🐳🦕🦋 Beau James Knipp 🤍👼🏼 were beyond excited to share all the details with you! In the meantime were in Florida for a while getting Mr. Beau strong and healthy!

    As we strive to be transparent about this journey we ask that in support of Baby Beau’s arrival you help us share this link with any family or friends who might be interested in supporting us in getting him to the finish line! His adoption was an upfront cost of $61,200. We decided to share the actual invoice with you in an effort to be comply transparent.

    All of you have been beyond generous with your love and support! We will continue to keep you updated on our journey to get Beau home 🏠!

  • Update 1

    Happy New Year!

    January 23, 2023

    As we enter the new year we are full of so much anticipation of what 2023 has in store for us! We know God has made us a promise and he is certain to fulfill it. Josh and I are both at a loose for words as we sit down and reflect on how supported and loved we’ve felt over the past few months. It’s never easy to ask for help or admit that we can’t do this alone however we are so thankful we found the courage to do so.

    Since being home study approved on October 12, 2022 we’ve applied to 15 cases. We are in what’s called the ‘matching’ phase which means a lot of waiting… we wait for cases to come through, we wait to hear if we’ve been chosen. With each new day truly brings new possibilities!

    So thank you! We’d love to give updates quarterly and invite to board this wild and crazy ride.

    P.S. - be on the lookout for our February update! We’ve got a cute valentines surprise for everyone. 🤍🙌🏼

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    Congratulations!! We’re so happily for and your family.
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    CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you!
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    So excited to hear of Little Beau Knipp. I know you’ll be the best parents. Love you all.
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    So happy for you all! 💙
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    Nobody is more deserving! ❤️
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    Congrats you guys!!! So happy for your family !
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    Thrilled for you guys! This baby just got the parent jackpot! Sending lots of love during this very special time ❤️
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    Welcome to world baby Beau!
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    Thrilled to hear this news! So happy for you.