Tina Aviles

is adopting 3 children from United States of America

Unbound Adoption

As with most great adventures, this one starts at the beginning. But there are so many to choose from that it makes it hard to pick the right spot. There was a glance across a middle school band hall that sparked a journey of love that now includes 31 years of marriage for Tina and Israel. There was the dark day that found Aria, Carlos, and Maya, 3 young children the Aviles knew and loved, scorched by domestic violence. Maybe more importantly, there was the homecoming that finally brought them all together and engulfed the three young ones in the freedom to live, laugh, and love again. Or should the tale begin now, when the hope of becoming a family legally just needs fuel?

Israel and Tina Aviles are embracing re-up parenting. They completed a season of homeschooling four children and igniting hearts that grew up to be amazing adults. Then Aria, Carlos, and Maya were placed in their home. These precious ones are obviously Aviles. We all want to make this thing legal. The only thing holding us back is financial need. It may surprise you to hear that the average adoption related costs can easily total up to $35,000 or more for one child. It surprised us. After burning through much of our savings to support the children so far, a portion of the legal fees to unbound the adoption process are out of range for us. So we are sending up a flare.

Family, old friends, and new acquaintances have stoked the embers that brought us to this new beginning, a crowdfunding campaign. As part of our adoption process, we have set a goal of $12,000 to help ease the financial burden. We will always be grateful for the grassfire of support that helped carry us this far and for those providing the kindling needed for this next chapter of the story. Because, of all the adventures ever told, this is our favorite one.

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  • Elena Blake gave $100
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    Praying for the Lord’s provision and for all to go well. - Frank & Ana
  • Shelly akerly gave $200
  • Jerry & Margo Bonniwell gave $100
    We are keeping you in our prayers!
  • Tammie Godwin gave $100
    This makes my heart smile! Bless y'all!
  • Lee Vigil gave $100
  • Paige Rodges gave $300
    Let's do this, guys!! God will provide.